Change it by passing through the narrow gate

May 23rd 2022
Disciples can learn a great deal from the way a snake changes its skin. When a snake senses that a new skin has formed beneath its old one, it looks for a crack or a narrow space in the rocks and slithers in. The task is a difficult one: it has to force its way through the ‘narrow gate’, but once it is through it has a new skin; the old one has been sloughed off. At some point, every disciple will also have to push through the narrow gate and shed their old skin, that is, their old ideas and habits, their old mental attitudes. Each one of you will have to go through that narrow gate. It will be a difficult passage of course but you need not be worried or afraid; you need only rejoice in the loss of your old skin, which enables you to become a new being with new ideas and feelings, a new way of behaving.