Only spiritual needs do not lead to conflict

May 28th 2022
Human beings, like all living creatures, must satisfy certain needs, and it is by their needs that they in fact define themselves, for needs correspond to life. Yes, to live is to satisfy needs: the need to breathe, to eat and drink, to protect oneself, to love and be loved, to acquire wealth, to create and so on. Life is nothing but a series of needs! The only thing that distinguishes one human being from another is the level on which each seeks to satisfy their needs. Those who believe that fulfilment is to be found on the material plane will inevitably be disappointed, for by neglecting the needs of their soul and spirit, they create a void within themselves that nothing can ever fill. And not only will they be disappointed, but they will continually be on a collision course with all the others (and there are so many) whose priorities are on the same inferior level. Only spiritual needs do not lead to conflict or clashes, because the world of the soul and spirit is immense and boundless.