Light it while praying to attract the holy spirit

May 30th 2022
The flame of a candle is an aspect of the solar fire that illuminates, warms and vivifies us on the physical plane but also on the spiritual plane. On the physical plane, a candle flame obviously does not have the powers of solar fire, but on the spiritual plane, its powers are the same. This is why you must learn to develop a relationship with it. Take a candle and consecrate it, saying, ‘I light this flame for the glory of light, for the Angel of Fire.’ Then you light it and say to the flame, ‘Beloved flame, symbol of the Holy Spirit, symbol of divine love, symbol of the spiritual sun...’ and ask it to penetrate deep within you, to lay a patina of fire over all your cells, so that the Holy Spirit may one day come and dwell in you. It is the fire alight within you that attracts the Holy Spirit.