Accomplishing heaven’s plans

May 31st 2022
Most human beings do everything in their power to satisfy their desires and achieve their ambitions. But do they ever question the nature of their calculations, projects and designs? Have they thought to ask heaven: ‘Oh, spirits of light, are we in harmony with your plans? What is your opinion? What are your plans for us? Where and how should we work to accomplish your will?’ Very few people ever ask such questions. And yet nothing is more important for human beings than to implore the entities of the invisible world to give them the opportunity to finally carry out the plans of heaven. For as soon as they do this their whole life changes: they are no longer led by their whims, weaknesses, self-deception and lusts. By striving to learn what heaven wants for them, they begin to run on a different track, to follow a direction that conforms to God’s plans. And this is life, true life!