A symbol of the two principles, water and fire

June 8th 2022
Water and fire represent the two principles of creation. Their activity in the universe is symbolized by a cross, a figure rich in meaning that is found in every civilization in one form or another. The horizontal line represents the activity of the feminine principle, of water, which always tends to spread out and spill over the surface of the ground, taking up as much space as possible, even seeking every little crack and crevice through which to disappear underground. The vertical line represents the activity of the masculine principle, of fire, which on the contrary, tends to concentrate its energies and leap upwards. Water therefore is linked to the surface and to depth, and fire to height. These two horizontal and vertical directions, brought together in the figure of the cross, are the best representation of the activity of the masculine and feminine principles in creation and in all creatures. This symbol abounds in the universe.