Human beings

Cells of the great cosmic body

June 10th 2022
If the cells of our body were fully conscious of themselves, they would feel distinct from each other, for depending on which organ they belong to, their functions vary. The heart works in one way, the liver, the stomach and the kidneys in other ways. But if these same cells were able to go one step further in their understanding they would see that they are all embraced and united by one single being – a human being. The same can be said of human beings: each one represents a cell of the great cosmic body. Yes, the Creator is the only being who really exists, and humans are the scattered cells of His body. But as the consciousness of these cells is not united, they oppose and clash with each other. Humans believe their struggles and confrontations are justified, and are sometimes even proud of them when they think they are defending some great cause. Well no, there is really nothing to be proud of; their conflicts are simply the result of their ignorance – they do not realize that they belong to the one great body of God.