Controlling them so as to maintain our equilibrium

June 16th 2022
The surest way of destroying all that is most precious within us is to give free rein to the fires of passion. Many seek this devouring fire, without realizing that what they lose in this way will never be recovered. They are like children playing with matches – they light a fire in order to watch the flames go up, and they shout for joy while everything around them is being reduced to ashes. Poor wretches! They do not realize that in their whole body – particularly in their brain – this fire produces tremors, cracks and crumbling. Of course, the effects are not immediate, but little by little, something within them is disintegrating. This is why we must strive to be aware of the repercussions our emotions and feelings can have on our physical and psychic equilibrium, so that we may continue to build our inner edifice in harmony.