Receiving great truths with a trusting frame of mind

June 19th 2022
Your master can inscribe great truths on your soul only when you are in a receptive and trusting frame of mind. You may not be aware of it right away, for it happens without your knowing it, but one day while you are out in the street or simply at home, these truths will suddenly burst forth and dazzle you. Some may say, ‘But that is magic, and I’m afraid of magic!’ In truth, we can never entirely get away from magic. We live with magic day and night: it is all around us, in glances, in words, in gestures, in food, everything. The sad thing is that those humans, who have not yet understood this, do nothing to free themselves from the deplorable, harmful magic in which they are steeped every day, and accept this other magic that can vivify them and bring them hope, enthusiasm and love, and make them vital sons and daughters of God. So by all means, shut yourselves off from the influence of wicked people, but why do so from your instructor, who thinks only of helping you?