The importance of purification exercises

June 21st 2022
The intellectual and medical leaders of our time cannot accept the idea that entities from the astral plane worm their way into humans to feed on them and break them down. They believe that chemical elements disrupt the healthy functioning of the psyche. It is true that chemical elements are at play, but these chemical elements are actually the consequence, the concrete manifestation of the presence of harmful spirits that human beings have drawn towards themselves. These entities proliferate in the astral world, and if humans open their doors to them through their weaknesses and transgressions, these entities flood in and cause trouble. These facts are well documented in all the sacred books, and they explain why initiates stress the importance of purity and purifying exercises. But today, instead of studying these texts and understanding their profound meaning in order to then educate people accordingly, medical research looks for chemical products with which to remedy the problems caused by a disorderly life. Why can’t they see that by neglecting to treat the cause, their effects do not last?