Solve them by taking the sun as your model

June 29th 2022
Noble, great and pure creatures can be found throughout history, but none can compare to the sun for light, love and generosity. Only the sun expresses the greatness of God on earth, and we should take it as our model. If humans are always weak, gloomy, ill-tempered and sad, it is because their ideal is not something infinite. Their only aspiration is to be like their uncle or their neighbour or this politician or that actor, or even such-and-such a multi-millionaire. But what sort of role models are these, with all their worries, their illnesses and their disorders? Whereas nothing can compare with the sun. If you take it as your model, your intellect will be filled with its light, your heart with its warmth, and your spirit with its power. And above all, like the sun, you will know how to be generous.