Balance the two pans of your inner scales

July 9th 2022
When acrobats walk on a tightrope, they are forced to stretch out their arms to keep their balance. This image also represents human beings, for life too is a tightrope. If they do not know how to add a little here or remove a little there to keep the balance between the two pans that are the heart and the intellect, for example, if they neglect one side in favour of the other, they will introduce an imbalance, which translates into chaotic thoughts and feelings. In each sphere of life, humans must think to balance the two pans of their inner scales. If they are always focused on material things, on money and possessions, without ever giving some thought to the spirit and heaven, they will also create within themselves an imbalance that will be reflected in their facial features and even in their health. You must know this law: for each need that is satisfied on one plane, there appears a void on another plane that must also be filled.