Name choice

The beneficial or harmful influence of a name

July 11th 2022
Some parents choose names for their children whose meaning is quite prosaic or insignificant. Yet, each name produces specific vibrations that act upon the children’s etheric, astral and mental bodies unbeknown even to those who speak it. If parents were taught about the influence of a name – harmonious or dissonant, beneficial or harmful – they would be very careful in choosing one for their children, as the wise choice of a name contributes greatly to the development of certain qualities and virtues. This is why some initiates have at times changed the name of a person who was plagued by misfortunes, illness and vices, thanks to which that person’s destiny took a different turn. This does not mean that we should now go around changing everybody’s name. But for children, it is a thousand times better to find a name that has spiritual meaning: it can help them a lot in their evolution.