He will not do the work in your stead

July 13th 2022
It goes without saying that a Master has certain powers, but there are things he cannot do. For instance, he cannot eat for you. He can give you food, but you must eat it. And if you say, ‘No, no, I want him to eat it’, well, then the Master will become stronger while you perish. You always think that the Master should be the one to do your work. No, the Master will give you all the materials you need to build your palace, he will even give you cement and nails, but he will not build it for you; it is you who must set to work. If the Master does your work, it is he who benefits and you will gain nothing. You must understand that a Master cannot do everything. Neither is the sun almighty: if you keep the curtains drawn, it will never be able to come into your house.