The rough edges are useful just as they are in life

July 14th 2022
Sometimes you go hiking in the mountains. You must have noticed that it is the rough edges of the rocks that enable you to climb. So, why do you want your life to be smooth and free of rough edges? In such conditions, you will never reach the summit, and more importantly, you will tumble on your way down! Luckily for you, life is full of rough spots, and thanks to them you are still alive. Yes, that is why you should not ask for your life to be smooth and free of suffering, inconvenience, sorrow or enemies, because you would have nothing to hold on to in order to climb higher. Everyone wants an easy and opulent life without realizing that in reality, they are asking for their own misfortune. Fortunately, heaven does not listen to them, for if it did, there would soon be nothing left of them.