Unity must be universal, cosmic

July 18th 2022
When we hear talk of unity in the field of economics, and domestic or international politics, it is always an anarchic unity, like bandits who join together to carry out their crimes. This is not true unity, but this is how people think of it: as banding together to pounce on others and destroy them. When the citizens of a nation say, ‘Let’s unite’ and the sole purpose of this union is to attack their neighbour, this is not true unity. True unity is meant to be as all-encompassing as possible. If an organ achieves unity for itself but fails to work in harmony with the others, it will perhaps feel fine, but the others will suffer and unity will be compromised as a result. When we speak of unity, we are referring to a universal, cosmic unity from which nothing is excluded. But this unity must first be established within ourselves: all our cells, all our tendencies must be directed towards God. Our efforts to bring this about will be reflected in all the other scattered unities, which will come together to form a universal whole.