Leave your worries at the door, just as you would your shoes

July 25th 2022
When Muslims enter a mosque, they take off their shoes and leave them at the door. Well, this is what you too must do with your worries and your cares: leave them outside for a while. You can take them up again on your way out if you really want to. Some people give the impression that they cannot live without worrying, that life is untenable for them if they do not torment themselves. But they can rest assured; there will always be worries and sorrows for them, they will never run short. Why don’t they try to forget them from time to time? But no, for most people, life inevitably consists of turmoil, clashes and misunderstandings. Just look at their reaction to conflict and tragedy: they say, ‘What do you expect, old chap, that’s life!’ Well no, this is just a lower form of life; it is not true life. We do not know what true life really is. We do not know what it is because we have not grasped that there is work to be done in order to experience its beauty, its purity and its light.