The people you love do not belong to you

July 30th 2022
Never think that the people you love belong to you, otherwise you will come up against great contradictions, for there will inevitably come a time when you realize they do not belong to you. Then, either you will suffer, or you will make them suffer. A man should never imagine that his wife belongs to him – she existed well before he knew her, and she will exist long after him. In other incarnations, she had other husbands before him, just as he had other wives. If they had been together for all eternity, problems would never arise between them; but since they often disagree, this shows that they do not know each other – perhaps they are even meeting for the first time. So, there is no point in deluding or tormenting themselves; they must tell themselves that they are partners, that they must work as best they can and be honest, and that is all. And if they manage to build a good relationship, they will find themselves together again in the next life.