It is developed through difficulties and obstacles

August 1st 2022
People’s intelligence develops when they encounter difficulties and obstacles, because in order to surmount them, they must observe, reflect and become insightful. This is why nature places difficulties along the path life: to develop her children’s intelligence. But her children do not develop, because instead of trying to understand and find solutions, they waste their time and energy weeping, complaining and giving way to anger and irritation. When they are exhausted, obviously they calm down, but their difficulties are still there. Their strength has gone, but their problems remain! What a peculiar way to behave! I sometimes ask someone, ‘How long did you cry for?’ ‘Three hours.’ ‘And did you solve the problem?’ ‘No.’ ‘Well, next time, cry for just ten minutes. Since you would miss it if you didn’t cry, do so, but for no more than ten minutes. And then, once the ten minutes are up, stop crying and start thinking!’