The opposite of susceptibility and hypersensitivity

August 2nd 2022
It is important to distinguish between true sensitivity and the sickly hypersensitivity that should more properly be called susceptibility or sentimentality. True sensitivity is a faculty that enables us to travel far and to great heights, and to have access to increasingly subtle regions in order to comprehend their reality. Hypersensitivity, on the other hand, is a manifestation of our lower nature, which takes itself for the centre of the universe and is always frustrated, hurt and aggressive because others fail to treat it with due respect. Once you have seen this difference, you will understand that there is much work to be done on your lower nature in order to master and subdue it. This is the only way to give your true sensitivity a chance to flourish and become richer. Not only is sensitivity the faculty that moves us to a sense of wonder at the sight of those we love, the beauty of nature or great works of art; it also opens the gates of immensity and light to us. It gives us a grasp of the divine order of things, and enables us to vibrate in unison with the regions, entities and currents of heaven.