Human morality and the laws of cosmic intelligence

August 6th 2022
Most people are convinced that they will not find fulfilment unless they are able to do as they please. And to this end, they are ready to break all the rules, all the so-called taboos. They want to be free. But what kind of freedom are they talking about? The freedom to commit every folly, and even to destroy themselves. For when we free ourselves from light, wisdom and reason, the inevitable result is suffering, and we even end up falling physically ill because illness is simply a manifestation on the physical plane of a disorder that we have allowed to take hold on the psychic plane. It is not bad to want to overturn the prejudices and rules of a narrow moral law in order to finally be oneself, quite the contrary. But it is essential to know that Cosmic Intelligence has established eternal laws of a higher order than those of humans and, whether we like it or not, if we break those laws we will have to pay in sorrow, suffering and sickness.