Meaning of life

Cling to your divine experiences

August 9th 2022
An occasional moment of inspiration or illumination is not enough to give meaning to your life; you must also learn to make such moments last, so that they become a permanent state of consciousness that purifies and restores order to your whole being. You will say, ‘But what you are asking is impossible. No one can sustain divine states of consciousness in life indefinitely.’ Well, to all appearances, you are right, I know, because I live in the same world as you, and I know what it is like. But I also know that whatever the circumstances and in spite of fatigue, discouragement, sorrow or misfortune, disciples of the light will never let themselves be turned from their path. On the contrary, they hold fast to all the great and beautiful experiences they have had, to those special moments of grace that have shown them the true meaning of life.