Symbol of those beings who bring together the two principles within themselves

February 28th 2012
The whole adventure of man and woman can be summed up as the search for their lost half. Men seek women, and women seek men. They don’t even know why they seek one another, but that is what they do; it is instinctive – a voice tells them that is how they will regain their original unity. From time to time, for a few moments they taste an indescribable joy, and then come the disappointments and the sadness. But as they never lose hope, they keep searching. So, why is this? Why do human beings’ deepest aspirations never come to pass? Because it is not on the physical plane that the union of man and woman must first take place. What happens on the physical plane must only be the outcome of work previously carried out on the psychic and spiritual planes. Otherwise, they find at best only ephemeral pleasures and enjoyment. If a small number succeed in achieving lasting oneness by merging on the physical plane, it is because they have previously done a whole inner work. Human beings must first of all seek to bring the two principles together within themselves. That is the philosophy of the androgyne, and it is the highest philosophy there is.