Someone who refuses to recognize the divine order

August 10th 2022
What would generally be termed anarchy is not necessarily bad. No, anarchy is the state of someone who wants to lead their life in their own way and refuses to submit to the established order. Whether this order be good or bad, they want to live according to their own ideas, and these ideas might even be superior to those of the established order. Society might regard them as anarchists, but if they aspire to more love, more fraternity and greater justice, they are not anarchists in the eyes of heaven. For initiates, the only people who are anarchists are those who refuse to recognize the divine order, the existence of the Lord of the universe, of higher entities and forces, and rules to which they must submit. They may be in perfect agreement with a society composed of millions of people who have no spiritual life, but they are anarchists in relation to the Sublime Intelligence of the universe because they transgress its laws.