All of creation must give its consent for a being to incarnate on earth

August 14th 2022
Before a being can incarnate on earth, the whole of creation must give its consent, and if it withholds even a few tiny elements, that being will die. Does this astonish you? Think about it. How are things organized in a country, a business or a family? There is always somebody who plans the budget and decides how much to spend (on education, defence, social security, and so forth) what cuts to make, which people need to be hired, fired or kept on the payroll; what sums to allocate to food, heating and maintenance, and so on. When you see all this, do you really suppose that nobody has to approve or authorize the arrival of a new being on earth? In a family, a town or a country, everything is carried out according to calculations, plans and budgets. Why should the universe do things haphazardly without due reflection? Truly, human ignorance is unfathomable! On high, there are also invisible beings who calculate how many humans should come down to earth, and how many years they should stay. Yes, this is an economy on a scale that is beyond your imagining.