It depends on the way we consider them

August 16th 2022
It is important to understand once and for all that circumstances are never defining. For example, when adversity strikes a whole community, we can see that the same hardships affect each person differently. Why? Because they do not face these hardships with the same state of consciousness. Those who do not have a clear understanding gradually become bitter and vindictive, or allow themselves to be completely crushed, and poison the lives of those around them. Others, on the contrary, are strengthened and enriched, and thanks to their experiences, can then help those around them with their advice, attitude, radiance and the forces that flow from them. This proves that circumstances are not everything. Of course, we cannot ignore or neglect them altogether, but if we want to make progress, we must understand that many things in life depend solely on us, on our attitude towards them, and that happiness and unhappiness are very relative states.