Do not expect him to do everything

August 18th 2022
Most people are used to relying solely on the help of external elements: appliances, machines, medicines, and so forth. They do not often think about using the gifts and faculties that the Creator has placed within them. And their attitude is exactly the same even when they meet a Master. Instead of learning from him how to develop their spiritual faculties, they count on him to do the work for them. It is he who must instruct, purify and heal them, find the solution to all their problems and make them rich and happy. Yes, this attitude of expecting all their needs to be answered by externals is so widespread that even spiritual people have adopted it. They think a Master is someone who will rescue them, help them out when they are in difficulty and above all, who will take all their burdens on himself. A beast of burden, in other words! Analyze yourselves and see if this is not true.