Blending into the ocean which cannot be soiled

August 19th 2022
Meditate on the sacrifice of water, so transparent and innocent, which comes down to Earth to absorb all the impurities of the creatures here. You must not worry if you get a little dirty when trying to help others; you can always do as water does and blend into the ocean one day, for the ocean cannot be soiled. If you complain of being defiled, robbed and drained, it is simply because you see yourself as a small pond, or even worse, a puddle of water. You must not identify with a pond; identify with the ocean, and then you will sense that nothing and no one can defile you. And the day will come when the rays of the spiritual sun will take hold of you to purify you. As you rise above the earth, all the impurities that you had absorbed along the way will be left behind.