On what condition the lord answers them

February 29th 2012
It is pointless to have faith and pray to the Lord if you have not begun to work by at least putting a seed in the soil, as any gardener would. To those who are content to say, ‘Lord, please give me love, wisdom, strength, peace, joy…’ the Lord will reply, ‘I would like to, but before I can grant this, you should at least have sown the seed. You are like a gardener who asks the sun and the rain to make vegetables and flowers grow when nothing has been sown or planted.’ ‘But Lord, we have been taught that if we call on you…’ ‘Those who taught you,’ the Lord will reply, ‘are ignorant, if they have not learned that the laws of the psychic world are identical to the laws of the physical world. And I cannot alter the laws to please lazy people. If you want me to answer your prayers, you must begin by working.’ This very interesting little conversation with the Lord is one that many could be having.