Saving an alcoholic

Implore heaven and protect yourself

August 20th 2022
Unfortunately, the desire to save someone is not enough. If you want to save an alcoholic or someone who is mentally ill, you also need knowledge and methods, otherwise they will be the stronger one, and not only will they not change, but they will destroy you. Many women who wanted to sacrifice themselves to save a man from drink have ended by dying of a broken heart. The husband would spend his nights in a bar and come home only to beat his wife! It is not so easy to save someone; you have to be very strong in order to persevere until you succeed. You must not overestimate your own capacities. Analyze yourself, measure your own strengths and say, ‘I want to save this person but I do not have the means to do so.’ Then you must invoke the help of someone who is far more powerful than you, an angel or an initiate, and implore heaven to help the poor creature whom you love. But you must protect yourself; otherwise, you too will be dragged down to the same state of ruin.