Overcoming them in order to live in harmony

August 22nd 2022
From now on, you must try to overcome your antipathies and stop imagining that your sympathies are an absolute to be followed blindly. In the Universal White Brotherhood, where our ideal is to gather everyone on Earth into one vast family living together in peace and harmony, you must set a good example. Even if you dislike someone, as a member of the Brotherhood whose lofty ideal you share, you must show tolerance. It is you who stands to gain if you do so, for your efforts will enable you to win a victory over your lower nature, which is always trying to involve you in complications, misunderstandings and conflicts. When this victory is yours, you will enter a world of harmony and light. You will soon notice that everything begins to change, for all those whom you once looked upon with coldness or hostility will feel the change in your attitude, and begin to like you.