It causes us to suffer, but allows us to sense true beauty

August 23rd 2022
Suffering is linked to sensitivity. The more sensitive someone becomes, the more they suffer, but it is preferable to suffer and be sensitive than not to suffer and be like a stone. You must be sensitive without overdoing it and becoming mawkish and sentimental. Many people lack clarity on this issue. They are afraid to be sensitive, so they become as hard as rock. No, it is better to accept suffering and grow in sensitivity, because it is a human being’s degree of sensitivity that determines their grandeur and nobility. Sensitivity, as the initiates understand it, is a continually expanding capacity to sense the beauty, splendour and wealth of heaven, to perceive the marvels of the divine world to the point of barely sensing the wickedness and stupidity of certain creatures. The great masters, and above them the angels and archangels, do not suffer over ugliness for they no longer see it; they are always in a state of joy for they see only beauty.