Thoughts and feelings

Capable of inciting people to good or evil

August 26th 2022
You must be aware of the effects your good or bad psychic states can have on the invisible world. If you pay no attention to this, it will be too bad for you, because one day, you will be obliged to recognize all the damage you have done. When you get to the other side, and they say to you, ‘Look at all the crimes or accidents that happened through your fault’, all your protests that you never did anything wrong, that you never stole or killed anyone will be in vain. You will be told, ‘That may be so, but your thoughts and feelings influenced other people, and the evil they did was caused by you.’ We are responsible not only for our deeds, but also for our thoughts and feelings, for they are active forces in the invisible world and are capable of inciting people to good or evil.