Talents cannot save the world

August 27th 2022
People are always impressed when a man or a woman demonstrates a gift for the arts or sciences, and they are appreciated, hailed and lionized. Nobody wants to know whether they are good, just, honest and generous human beings. No, talent is the only thing that matters and therefore what everybody wants to cultivate. This is why the world is now so full of highly capable, talented people – it is quite extraordinary how many there are! Yes, but why can’t all these gifted, capable people, all these geniuses, save the world? Everything is going from bad to worse, yet people seem to accept the situation. It doesn’t matter if there is nothing but chaos, rot and ugliness in a person’s inner life; what counts is that they are talented. And as everybody knows that this is the way it is, their only concern is to develop the talents that will be appreciated by others, even if those talents contribute to the disintegration of humanity.