Asking for the kingdom of god collectively

August 28th 2022
The Brotherhood exists so that all together, collectively, we may ask for the kingdom of God on earth. Each one of us can ask for it on our own, of course, but it is impossible to produce such powerful effects when you are alone, unless you know other laws. He who is alone must know that in solitude he will never produce anything worthwhile. By means of his thoughts, he must join that immense collectivity of beings scattered throughout the world who are working ceaselessly for the same end, for the kingdom of God. Even if you cannot always be with others, you can at least be united with them in thought. Why do human beings always want to isolate themselves? Even to bring a child into the world they must break out of that sterile solitude and find someone else, a woman or a man. But they have not understood a thing. ‘Me, I, myself... I prefer to be alone!’ Very well, nobody is going to stop you, but you will reap only sterility – an abundance of it! You cannot find the Lord if you remain alone. You must join with all the highly evolved beings in the universe who are thinking of Him.