Take care to avoid making mistakes you will have to correct

March 1st 2012
When you have work to do, try to quieten yourself first, and if it is manual work focus your attention on the first movement you make, and do it slowly so that you avoid making a mistake. Then repeat the action more quickly, and again and again until you reach the required speed. You will find it becomes easier and easier, while remaining faultless. Why do you make mistakes, at present, in certain areas? Because in the past, without realizing it, you were already laying down a groove for those mistakes. The first time you made a particular move or came into contact with a particular thing or person, you did so carelessly, without attaching any importance to it, and now you are suffering the consequences: the mistakes add up and become more serious over time. It is very difficult to correct in the present the mistakes imprinted in us in the past; it is easier to learn to form new grooves correctly.