Spiritual life

Like the ascent of a high peak, the rules are very strict

August 30th 2022
When mountaineers set out to climb a peak, they do not ask the guide who is leading them to keep looking back at them. Well, the spiritual life is like the ascent of a high peak, and you must not ask your Master to turn round and look back. Your very safety lies in the fact that he does not do so. If he turned to look at you and listen to you, he would lose his footing, and then the whole team would tumble down. On the level ground of ordinary life it is different, but when you are climbing a mountain, the rules are very strict. In fact, you should pray that your Master does not turn to look at anyone, so that he may lead the whole team safely up to the top. Yes, this is what you should pray for instead of trying everything possible to induce him to turn and look at you, to pay special attention to you, forgetting that if he did so, everybody would be lost. So you see, you still do not know what your attitude towards your Master should be.