The right attitude is to rejoice in all that you still have

September 1st 2022
Get into the habit of facing the events and circumstances of life with the right inner attitude. For instance, when you experience a setback of some kind, why react as though you had lost everything, as though the whole the world were falling apart? Try instead to take stock of all that you still have – your health, your family and friends, and so on – and thank heaven for this wealth. Imagine what it must be like to be paralyzed or homeless, without food, without a family... Instead of always bewailing what you do not have, learn to rejoice in what you do have. It is normal for a humiliation, a disappointment or a failure to upset you briefly, but it is inexcusable to continually wallow in sorrow and forget all the reasons you have to be happy and grateful. Pull yourself together, for goodness’ sake! Otherwise, there will come a day when you will be unable to shake off this tendency to feel discouraged and you will be crushed.