Master’s role

To help his disciples to free their spirit

September 2nd 2022
A master’s situation is very complicated. His task is to help his disciples to free their spirit, for their spirit is like a king who has been dethroned and imprisoned by his rebellious subjects while anarchy prevails throughout his kingdom. Unfortunately, although they feel dispossessed and bereft, disciples do not always understand the help their master is trying to give them: they are under the impression that with his advice and his attitude, the master wants to restrict their freedom. So, what is their master to do? He can only wait patiently until his disciples understand the nature of his work. The only things the master wants to restrict are the manifestations of their lower nature, those instincts and passions that have reduced their higher nature, their spirit, to silence. If disciples think that their master is trying to hamper and torment them, to make them unhappy, and fail to see that in all that he does he is seeking only their true good, it is because they have not yet understood where their true good lies. Like children, these disciples love sweets and the person who offers them – and their master gives them quinine!