Benefactors of humanity

Heaven never abandons them

September 4th 2022
Heaven watches to see whom you are serving. If it sees that you are serving your own god, your selfishness, your lower nature, it turns its back on you. Heaven does not share its riches with those who are interested only in a life of corruption and pleasure. And if heaven abandons you, who will help you, who will save you? Your money? Your glory? Your fame? In the eyes of heaven, there are only two categories of human beings: those who work exclusively for themselves, for the gratification of their own appetites, and those who exert themselves to help their brothers and sisters, who participate in the work of the billions and billions of entities of the invisible world that are striving to establish the kingdom of God on earth. These people are inscribed in the Book of Life as benefactors of humanity, and heaven never abandons them.