Always the fruit of our thoughts and our feelings

September 5th 2022
In a human being, the masculine principle, the father, is represented by the intellect, and the feminine principle, the mother, by the heart. And the union of the masculine principle and the feminine principle gives birth to the child: action. All our actions are the fruit of our thoughts and our feelings. We sometimes meet people who are very active but whose hearts and minds are not very highly developed, but even in these cases, their action is necessarily the child of heart and mind, or rather of the absence of light in their minds and of warmth in their hearts. Whether we act with intelligence and sensitivity or foolishly and without feeling, our action is always the fruit of our intellect and our heart. The nature of the child depends on the degree of evolution and culture of its parents. When our thoughts and feelings are good, our actions will be constructive, because they will be the fruit of the wisdom of our minds and the love of our hearts. The power of our action is the consequence of a proper relationship between wisdom and love.