A living being that works either constructively or destructively

September 7th 2022
Every one of your thoughts, however tenuous and insignificant, is a reality. Thoughts can even be seen – and there are creatures who see them. A thought is a living entity. Of course, on the physical plane, we cannot touch it or see it in action, but on its own plane and with its own subtle materials, it is a living, active being. Ignorance of this truth is the cause of many difficulties and hardships. Human beings neither know nor see that their thoughts work, either constructively or destructively, so they allow themselves to think whatever they like, and then they are surprised at what happens to them. Thought is a living reality. This is why you must be on your guard and project only the best thoughts; thoughts full of love, kindness, light and harmony. True knowledge begins here, with the awareness that thought is a reality.