Physical body

Never identify with your physical body, identify with the spirit

September 10th 2022
Never identify with your physical body, otherwise the idea of death will inevitably overcome you. The body is vulnerable, it weakens, gets sick and dies, and if you identify with it, if you look for nothing beyond it, you will always remain weak, sickly and lack-lustre until you disappear completely. Identify with your spirit, for the spirit is powerful, luminous, indestructible and immortal, and by identifying with it, you will begin to resemble it and become invulnerable. This is the advantage of a spiritual philosophy. Everything depends on how we understand things. Unfortunately, for centuries, human beings have been fed with notions that weaken and destroy them – and they call this education! All those old ideas need to be replaced by new ideas, by life-giving ideas that empower, strengthen and uplift us so that we can come ever closer to the Deity.