Animal sacrifices

Sacrificing our inner animals

September 13th 2022
The animal sacrifices mentioned in the Bible and the sacred books of all religions can be explained by knowledge the Ancients had concerning the liberation of energies and their use in magical rites. When the Old Testament says that the odour of burnt offerings rose as a pleasing incense before the Lord, it was simply a way of saying that the energies released from the animals’ bodies, and used by the priests, gave efficacy to their invocations. Incidentally, this has been the symbolic meaning of incense for centuries. Then Jesus came and sought to lead human beings to a higher notion of sacrifice. Instead of immolating poor animals that had done nothing wrong, he taught people to immolate their inner animals – their lusts and passions and so on – for the sacrifice of these inner animals releases far more precious energies that can be used for spiritual work.