To re-establish our link with the divine world

September 14th 2022
Someone complains to me saying, ‘You speak to us about the divine world and the luminous entities with whom we can communicate through thought, but I have tried again and again to do this work without results. I don’t feel anything.’ The fact that you get no results does not mean that what I say is untrue; but because the matter that envelops you is so dense, you cannot yet feel the presence of the divine world or its inhabitants. Yet they are there; they are real. You cannot see or feel anything so you imagine that there is nothing there. Yes – there is something there, keep at it. You must persevere! Gradually as disciples continue their efforts, they sense a path opening up before them, a bridge linking them anew with the higher regions, and they begin to live the divine life. The day will come when you have to concentrate for only a few minutes on these regions to feel heaven’s blessings pouring down on you.