The voice of our lower nature or our higher nature

September 18th 2022
A pernicious philosophy prevails in the world today that encourages people to gratify all their instincts and appetites because – so it is said – it is very bad to resist the voice of nature or go against it; this is called repression. However, if you are lucid and honest with yourself, you will realize that the inner voice you hear does not always urge you to seek your own pleasure. On the contrary, sometimes it advises you to be more reasonable, to exercise more self-restraint; it even reproaches you: ‘Why did you do something so stupid? Why did you allow yourself to get carried away?’ No doubt this voice expresses itself more rarely and more softly, but it is there, you cannot deny it. Well, this too is the voice of nature, but it is the voice of our higher nature, whereas the other is the voice of our lower nature. For these two natures coexist in human beings and both seek to manifest themselves. This is a point that must be clear for you.