The occult

Risks of psychic and physical imbalance

September 19th 2022
More and more people today are interested in the occult: they are searching for the secrets that will enable them to become powerful magicians. They think they will find these secrets in rites, talismans and magic formulas, and in spite of their total ignorance of the realities of the invisible world, they start evoking the spirits. Poor wretches! What they will find is psychic and even physical imbalance, for their spells will not be answered by higher spirits, but by entities of the lowest kind, elementals and larvae. Yes, this is the truth, the inexorable truth. Why? Because there is only one way to attract luminous spirits, angels and archangels, and that is to make continual progress in the spiritual life. Heavenly entities will not help and encourage anyone who does not manifest purity, love, righteousness and truth. No one who lives an ordinary life can pierce the mysteries of the universe. The divine world distributes its blessings in proportion to our own efforts. There are always others who will give us the things we ask for – but at what cost!