Intense life

It will reveal new truths to you every day

September 21st 2022
Live an intense life, for it will reveal new truths to you every day. You will say, ‘How is it possible to discover new truths within ourselves? By studying or reading, agreed. But can we really discover something all on our own? Within ourselves?’ Yes, by means of the intense life, which is to say the true spiritual life, you will learn the essential truths about humans and the universe. You will never discover these truths unless their source is already within you, unless you have already lived them. Of course, someone you love and trust can tell you about them, but even then you must experience them for yourselves. If people are so riddled with doubt and uncertainty, it is because they seek the truth by external means of which they can never be fully sure. Only the inner path makes doubt impossible. Then, even if you wanted to doubt, you could not!