Like humans, they nourish themselves on solar light

September 24th 2022
A tree is a living creature that knows how to attract and store up solar energy. When you burn a tree, you can see that it consists of a small amount of earth, a greater amount of water, and an even greater amount of air; but it is fire, light, that constitutes the greatest part of a tree. And humans are built in the image of the tree: they too are made of fire, of light – they possess the same quintessence as the sun. Why mislead people by telling them that they are nothing but earth, that they can only be nourished by matter and that they will return to dust? Initiates on the contrary tell us: ‘You are made of light, you can nourish yourselves with light and you will return to light.’ Yes, humans are exactly like a tree and if they knew how nature’s laws work, they too could fix and store up these cosmic forces, this energy of the celestial fire, that is to say, all the forms of the spirit that are intelligence, light and love.