Use them for the benefit of all

September 25th 2022
When people acquire knowledge during their studies, what do they use it for, and who benefits from it? How many people recognize that they have a responsibility and say to themselves: ‘Look, I must use all this knowledge to do good, I must help others not just myself’? Do you imagine that doctors are always guided by altruistic motives in their choice of profession? And what about lawyers, chemists, engineers, economists and journalists? Do they really put their knowledge to the service of others? What most of them want is success, glory, comfort and pleasure. Advanced studies do not of themselves make people better. On the contrary, they often turn them into a public menace! On the other hand, when knowledge is in the hands of those who have already worked to forge their character and are determined to use it not only for themselves but for the benefit of all, it can be a source of blessings.