Material possessions and activities

A shell that contains the spirit

September 27th 2022
All human beings, however coarse and materialistic they may be, were created in the same workshops as the greatest geniuses or the greatest initiates. The only difference is that the time has not yet come for them to manifest the same gifts and virtues. But that day will come for them too and they too will seek beauty, purity, light and immensity. They will understand that we need material activities and possessions only as a prop, a container, a shell to support, protect and contain the life of the spirit. Once they understand that what they took to be essential is no more than a shell, a husk, they will see things differently. Yes, and as soon as they begin to see things in a different light, they will take an interest in the contents instead of looking at the containers, and this will be the beginning of true life for them.